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75 Beautiful Valentine’s Day Affirmations for Couples

Ready to take your love to the next level? Affirmations for couples are a beautiful way to focus on the love and friendship that you share with your partner, on Valentine’s Day and every day.

February 5, 2024
5 min

Valentine’s Day Affirmations for Couples 

Studies show that self-affirmation can improve your self view and encourage positive emotions such as love and positivity. And affirmations don’t just boost your confidence and self-love; they can also help you resist negative thoughts or feelings that threaten your inner peace.

Now apply that to your relationship, substituting affirmations for couples in the place of personal affirmations.

With just a few minutes of affirmations each day, you can may experience: 

  • Increased love flowing to and and from your partner
  • A more positive outlook about the strength of your relationship
  • A stronger emotional bond and more intimate connection
  • Heightened trust, as you share your hopes for your relationship

Doesn’t that sound wonderful? 

The best affirmations for couples

If you’ve never practiced affirmations with your partner, Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to begin this heartwarming practice… together.

Try these beautiful affirmations for couples to strengthen your connection and feel the love and harmony that surround the two of you.

  1. We intentionally choose to be together, again and again.
  2. We build our relationship on a foundation of respect, understanding, and trust.
  3. We take care of each other.
  4. We build a life that reflects our love and commitment to one another.
  5. We find comfort in each other's presence.
  6. We are each other's number one cheerleader.
  7. We feel safe being vulnerable with one another.
  8. We have fun when we are together.
  9. We speak to one another kindly and with love.
  10. We like spending our free time with one another.
  11. We know our souls have met and loved each other many times before.
  12. We make each other feel desired and attractive.
  13. We hold one another's hearts in our hands.
  14. We are kind to one another even when we have disagreements.
  15. We make each other smile.
  16. We are a dream team.
  17. We give each other space to grow individually, too.
  18. We always find ways to spend time together.
  19. We help each other heal and evolve.
  20. We express our love through words and actions.
  21. We prioritize our intense physical connection.
  22. We know our love was meant to be.
  23. We create a home filled with warmth and love.
  24. We genuinely have fun when we are together.
  25. We see a future in which we are still together.
  26. We feel seen, heard, and understood within our relationship.
  27. We share a forever love.
  28. We choose peace.
  29. We are affectionate and playful.
  30. We can overcome anything.
  31. We will stay together for the rest of our lives.
  32. We support each other's dreams and ambitions.
  33. We do the little things that matter, not just the big things.
  34. We express our needs with kindness.
  35. We are supportive of each other's personal journey.
  36. We enjoy a relationship that is as playful as it is passionate.
  37. We feel an effortless connection between us.
  38. We go out of our way to make each other happy.
  39. We feel fulfilled emotionally, mentally, and physically by our relationship.
  40. We are head over heels in love and ridiculously happy together.
  41. We are incredibly grateful to have found one another.
  42. We speak and act kindly toward one another.
  43. We are happier when we are together.
  44. We lift each other up.
  45. We are each other's happy place.
  46. We are strong and powerful.
  47. We remember why we love each other.
  48. We work on showing up as our best selves in our relationship.
  49. We behave in ways that honor our love.
  50. We choose to be with one another every day.
  51. We choose one another, every time.
  52. We are brave enough to open our hearts to being loved.
  53. We are committed to work through any obstacles as a team.
  54. We feel a deeper connection to one another each day that goes by.
  55. We are sure that our love is a lifetime love.
  56. We unconditionally support each other emotionally.
  57. We shower one another with love and affection.
  58. We are constantly deepening our connection.
  59. We enjoy each moment that we spend in one another's company.
  60. We go out of our way to do nice things for one another.
  61. We choose to be together.
  62. We are best friends as well as lovers.
  63. We freely accept each other's differences without judgment.
  64. We trust that our love can withstand any storm.
  65. We respect each other's individuality and personal choices. 
  66. We feel fireworks when we are together.
  67. We remain adventurous and seek out new places and experiences to share.
  68. We share a beautifully unbreakable bond of love.
  69. We communicate lovingly, even when we disagree.
  70. We treasure our relationship.
  71. We feel emotionally bonded to one another.
  72. We share an unbreakable bond.
  73. We make fun, exciting plans for our future.
  74. We overcome challenges with ease because we are a team.
  75. We love one another from the depths of our souls.

How to practice affirmations for couples

Practicing affirmations with your partner is easy! 

  1. Find a quiet, comfortable spot where the two of you have enough privacy to be vulnerable. 
  2. Choose your favorite affirmations, either from this list or from the I am app. 
  3. If you feel comfortable, face each other. You can even hold hands.
  4. Say your affirmations aloud, either in unison or one at a time. There’s no right or wrong; do whatever feels right for you both.
  5. After each affirmation, take a moment to stop and reflect on it. How does it make you feel? How does it apply to your relationship?
  6. Once you’re repeated and internalized your affirmations, spend a few quiet moments basking in the glow of your connection. 

And remember, it’s perfectly normal to feel awkward or even silly the first few times you practice affirmations. It’s even okay if the first few give you the “nervous giggles.” After all, the couple that laughs together, stays together. 

But as you and your partner continue practicing affirmations for couples and your initial awkwardness fades, you’ll be able to focus on the beautiful emotions brought on by your new habit.

Final thoughts

Valentine’s Day affirmations for couples can help you feel more connected, strengthen your love, and take your relationship to the next level of intimacy. 

And for more affirmations for couples—or affirmations for yourself—download the I am app. You’ll have access to thousands of affirmations in categories that apply to all areas of your life… including your love life.

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