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80 Awesome Affirmations for Self-Esteem

You are a wonder of the Universe, more than worthy of love, respect, and acceptance. But during challenging times, you might find it difficult to embrace that belief. When that happens, practicing affirmations for self-esteem can help remind you of your intrinsic value and the love you deserve—especially from yourself.

February 5, 2024
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Affirmations for self-esteem

Your self-esteem is based on the way you perceive yourself and value yourself, and it can change over time. 

For some, self-esteem is closely tied to a specific area of their lives, such as their relationship status or career. For others, it’s a reflection of their self-confidence in a certain situation.

To help raise your self-esteem, we’ve gathered affirmations that can help you feel better about yourself and your life.

To boost your confidence

Confidence and self-esteem are terms often used interchangeably, and can certainly affect one another. Having a high self-esteem can make you feel more confident, and having a higher self-confidence can lead to greater self-esteem. 

Here are 15 powerful affirmations for self-esteem and confidence, to remind you of your worth and abilities on the days you forget. 

  1. I love who I have become because I fought to become that person.
  2. I am at peace with my past, because it made me who I am.
  3. I am courageous. I am confident. I am worthy. I like who I am.
  4. I am allowed to be imperfect and confident at the same time.
  5. I accept that I can be a human being with imperfections, yet still be valuable and loveable.
  6. I am, and always will be, enough.
  7. I am allowed to love who I am today even while I am still growing into my best self.
  8. I am capable of achieving more than I ever realized.
  9. I am a warrior, a survivor, and a winner.
  10. I continue to shine, regardless of how many storms I go through.
  11. I am confident in how I look, feel, act, and think.
  12. I am in love with the person in the mirror working so hard on themselves.
  13. I am ready to show the world just what I am made of.
  14. I lovingly embrace every quirk, flaw, and imperfection.
  15. I am so happy to be me.

To love and accept your body

For many people, low self-esteem begins with low body positivity. The truth is, everybody is beautiful and every body is beautiful. You may just need to remind yourself. 

These positive affirmations for self-esteem can replace negative self-talk and fill your heart with kind, loving thoughts for your body. 

  1. I am filled with love when I look in the mirror.
  2. I choose to no longer criticize my body.
  3. I am grateful for this body, this mind, this soul.
  4. I take back all the mean things I said to my body.
  5. I love my body unconditionally.
  6. I deserve to be confident in this body.
  7. I give up the habit of criticizing myself.
  8. I see myself as strong, attractive, and healthy.
  9. I love myself at every size and in any shape.
  10. I am worthy of love and happiness, especially from myself.
  11. I accept the changes my body goes through.
  12. I love my body just as it looks right now. 
  13. I release the frustrations I feel toward my body.
  14. I am beautifully and wonderfully made.
  15. I treat my body with the love and respect that it deserves.

To handle difficult situations

When you’re navigating life’s challenges, it may cause your self-esteem to dip. 

Practice these affirmations for self-esteem to remind yourself that, despite the current ups and downs in your world, you’re still valuable and worthy. 

  1. I continue to shine, regardless of how many storms I go through.
  2. I know this is just a chapter and not my whole story.
  3. I am strong. I am resilient. I am getting through this.
  4. I am enough.
  5. I will look back on this and realize how strong I was.
  6. I am doing the best that I can, and that's all I ask of myself.
  7. I am experiencing a rough time but I am getting through it.
  8. I know that better days are ahead, even if I can't see them right now.
  9. I am allowed to be happy even when my life isn't going as planned.
  10. I am strong enough to get through anything.
  11. I am going to be okay.
  12. I have overcome challenges before, and I am doing it again this time.
  13. I trust myself to make the best out of any situation, experience, or encounter.
  14. I have gotten through every difficult day in my life, and I am undefeated.
  15. I am reclaiming my power.

To get over a broken heart

Ending a relationship, or being in the wrong relationship, can be harmful to your self-esteem. A toxic or difficult partner can, unfortunately, leave you questioning your worth and value as you grapple with the aftermath of a breakup. 

Practicing affirmations for self-esteem after a breakup reminds you of how deeply lovable and likable you are; here are our favorites.

  1. I know that someday, this won't hurt like it does today.
  2. I forgive myself for taking so long to let go.
  3. I am learning that I deserve to be loved with the same intensity as I give love.
  4. I am hurt but I am healing.
  5. I deserve a love that makes me feel happy, not insecure.
  6. I choose to move on from relationships that leave me hurt, sad, or emotionally drained.
  7. I am allowed to forgive someone without making space for them in my life again.
  8. I am healthier alone than in the wrong relationship.
  9. I respect myself too much to be with someone who doesn't respect me.
  10. I deserve to be with someone who protects my heart.
  11. I accept that healing takes time, so I remain patient with myself and my heart.
  12. I understand that missing someone is a part of moving on.
  13. I choose to be at peace, even if that means being alone.
  14. I trust that anything the Universe removes from my life will be replaced with something better.
  15. I know that anyone who hurts me is no longer meant for me.

To be your sassiest self

Sometimes, all you need to increase your self-esteem is a reminder of the bold, sassy person you still are! 

  1. I know my value and I refuse to offer discounts. 
  2. I am a badass, and I've got this.
  3. I am not for everybody, and I am not trying to be.
  4. I am a diamond: bright and unbreakable.
  5. I embrace my messy, radiant self.
  6. I am powerful.
  7. I am perfect just the way I am, and whoever doesn't see that needs glasses.
  8. I am the main character.
  9. I wear this crown because I earned every jewel in it.
  10. I refuse to make myself smaller for anyone.
  11. I am so much more than enough. 
  12. I deserve to be my own favorite person.
  13. I know my worth, and it's non-negotiable.
  14. I am a vibe.
  15. I am bold, brave, and bright.
  16. I am not for everyone, and that's okay.
  17. I only need one person's approval: mine.
  18. I am exactly who I am meant to be.
  19. I love who I am deep down to the bottom of my soul.
  20. I refuse to live anything other than my best life from now on.

Final thoughts

With a consistent affirmations practice, you can raise your self-esteem and embrace your undeniable value and worth as the wonderful human being you already are. 

These affirmations are powerful boosters for some areas of your life. If you need more, or different, affirmations, download the I am app. You can choose the categories of your life that need an extra dose of inspiration and motivation. 

And remember: You are enough. You always have been. You always will be.

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