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80 Positive Bedtime Affirmations

Sleep is one of the most healing things you can do for your body, mind, and soul. It’s an absolute necessity if you want to feel your best. So what can you do to make sure that you’re getting enough rest? Add bedtime affirmations to your regular nighttime routine to calm your mind, lower your stress levels, and help you optimize the quality and quantity of your sleep. Here are some of our top bedtime affirmations to help you achieve the peaceful slumber you desire—and deserve.

February 5, 2024
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Powerful, peaceful bedtime affirmations

You’ll sleep better than ever, thanks to these soothing bedtime affirmations. 

Sleep well

Worrying about sleep can create a negative sleep cycle: the more you worry about sleep, the less you sleep; the less you sleep, the more you worry about it. 

Break out of that cycle and sleep better than ever with bedtime affirmations designed to help you prepare your subconscious for rest and slumber.

  1. I will get a good night's sleep tonight.
  2. Today is gone; I am going to sleep at peace.
  3. Each night, I heal through sleep.
  4. I relax my head, face, neck, arms, stomach, legs, and feet.
  5. I get comfortable and enjoy a full night of rest.
  6. I welcome a peaceful and restful night.
  7. I am ready to be recharged for tomorrow's adventures.
  8. My mind and my body are ready to rest.
  9. I choose to be at peace with the world as I let my eyes close.
  10. Deep sleep is a good medicine.
  11. I am worthy of relaxing, resting, and dreaming.
  12. My eyes are closing effortlessly.
  13. I let the soothing embrace of sleep nurture my mind and soul.
  14. I trust the Universe to watch over me and gently guide me to the land of dreams.
  15. I honor my body's need for rest and rejuvenation.
  16. I am at ease in the sanctuary of my bed.
  17. My mind is at peace and ready to rest all night.
  18. I will sleep through the night.
  19. I allow myself to drift off to sleep slowly and peacefully.
  20. I open my heart to the beauty of a peaceful slumber.

Focus on positivity

These bedtime affirmations will help you end your day feeling happy and inspired, so you can fall asleep relaxed and smiling. 

  1. I am confident that my dreams will be positive and happy.
  2. I nourish my soul with loving thoughts while I dream at night.
  3. I am allowed to feel good at the end of the day.
  4. Everything I did today was enough.
  5. I nourish my body through loving thoughts in my dreams tonight.
  6. My sleep tonight is going to be peaceful.
  7. I fall asleep smiling, content with my life. 
  8. I am happier when I go to bed on time.
  9. I sleep peacefully, knowing the Universe watches over me.
  10. Every night my dreams are filled with peaceful thoughts.
  11. The dreams I have at night will soon become my beautiful reality.
  12. I remember and relive the best parts of my day.
  13. I am happy with what I accomplished today.
  14. My body is at peace.
  15. I am resting well, knowing that today I did my best.
  16. It's time to rest now after a well lived day.
  17. I have done my best for today and deserve to have a peaceful sleep.
  18. I am a beautiful being and I deserve to sleep.
  19. Everything I did today leads to a beautiful tomorrow.
  20. I choose feelings of peace and positivity as I welcome the night.

De-stress after challenging day 

If you’ve had a stressful day, your mind may still be spinning and keeping you awake. 

Let go of stress, release tension, and fall asleep easily with these calming bedtime affirmations. 

  1. I release all stress and tension before going to sleep.
  2. Whatever happened today, I let it go.
  3. I make room in my mind and heart for serene sleep.
  4. I am proud of my efforts today.
  5. I calm my racing mind as I go to bed.
  6. I choose sleep over worrying, for my own health.
  7. I work hard all day and deserve to relax at night.
  8. I release my worries and allow myself peace tonight.
  9. I am calm and full of peace as I fall asleep.
  10. What I have done today is enough.
  11. I choose sleep and peace over worry and stress.
  12. I let the natural rhythm of sleep restore my inner peace.
  13. It feels good to be able to put my mind to rest.
  14. Right now the answer to my problems is restful sleep.
  15. I release anything that didn't go well today.
  16. I calm my thoughts and bring peace to my sleep.
  17. I surrender my worries to the Universe and fall into untroubled sleep.
  18. I allow sleep to calm my mind.
  19. I let go of tension or stress and let peace flow into my body.
  20. Every heavy thing falls away as I drift to sleep.

Practice gratitude

A consistent gratitude practice brings numerous physical and psychological benefits. Add gratitude to your bedtime affirmations for a double dose of positivity. 

  1. I am thankful for this day and grateful for this bed.
  2. I am grateful to have a safe place to sleep.
  3. I am grateful for a warm bed and a roof over my head.
  4. A heart filled with gratitude leads to a night filled with peace.
  5. I am grateful for the sleep that refreshes my body and restores my soul.
  6. I am grateful for my bed, my room, and my quiet body.
  7. I reflect on my day with gratitude and joy. 
  8. I am grateful for the softness of my pillow. 
  9. I am filled with gratitude for the beauty of my dreams.
  10. I am grateful for this life.
  11. I settle into a peaceful sleep, filled with gratitude and love. 
  12. I am grateful for the chance to sleep peacefully tonight.
  13. I am so thankful that I have a space where I can let go and relax as I sleep. 
  14. I am grateful for the peace and clarity the night brings me. 
  15. I am grateful for a comfortable, welcoming bed.
  16. My heart is grateful for today’s miracles. 
  17. I gratefully allow my mind, body, and soul to restore and recharge.
  18. I find so many blessings when I reflect on my day.
  19. I gratefully choose magical dreams and restorative sleep.
  20. I am grateful for the miracles today brought me.

Bonus: 10 affirmations to wake up feeling great tomorrow

You’ll wake up bright, happy, and ready to conquer the day with these bedtime affirmations. 

  1. Tomorrow my goals will be possible.
  2. I look forward to tomorrow.
  3. I am falling asleep with positive thoughts.
  4. I am going to wake up well rested and happy.
  5. Tomorrow will be a fantastic day.
  6. I trust that the restorative power of sleep will bring me energy and vitality.
  7. I look forward to tomorrow’s fresh start.
  8. I am ready to fall asleep and wake up tomorrow with lots of energy and optimism.
  9. I allow myself to rest so that I can meet tomorrow's goals.
  10. Today was great; tomorrow will be even better.

Final thoughts

A good night’s sleep has the power to restore and rejuvenate you, body and soul. 

With our bedtime affirmations, you can leave the day’s worries behind and focus on the peace, gratitude, and positivity you need to sleep well.

And for even better sleep, download the I am app. You’ll find the inspiring affirmations you need to stay calm and centered throughout the day, so you can rest easy at night. 

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