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Unattached and Unbothered: 75 Affirmations for Single People

No partner? No problem! These affirmations for single people will help you fall in love with the most important person in your life… yourself!

February 5, 2024
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Empowering Affirmations for Single People

Your days flying solo are an amazing time for growth. You get to focus on your goals, your passions, and your hobbies. 

Here are some affirmations for single people to fill your soul while you enjoy your carefree single life.

Affirmations for single people: for rocking the single life

Singledom can be some of the happiest and most peaceful days of your life. In fact, over 57% of single adults aren’t even interested in a relationship! 

These affirmations for single people will remind you of just how much fun you can have, all on your own.

  1. I am happily single. 
  2. I choose to focus on myself for now. 
  3. I am too awesome to settle down right now.
  4. I enjoy creating my own adventures and exciting experiences. 
  5. I have everything I need to be happy already within me. 
  6. I am worthy of my own admiration.
  7. I know my value and my self-worth.
  8. I find my self-worth within me, not in a relationship.
  9. I take myself on amazing dates.
  10. I am happier alone than with the wrong person.
  11. I know that my happiness depends on me and me alone.
  12. I prefer to be single than to settle for less than what I want. 
  13. I choose myself.
  14. I trust that love will show up when the timing is right. 
  15. I am willing to wait for the right person. 
  16. I enjoy doing what I want, when I want. 
  17. I fill my life with fun and joy.
  18. My happiness is my decision. 
  19. I choose to be intentional about my dating life. 
  20. I am having the time of my life while I am single. 
  21. I am right where I am supposed to be in life. 
  22. I am single, sexy, and successful. 
  23. I am enjoying my single life. 
  24. I refuse to define myself by my relationship status. 
  25. I live my truth, happily and openly.

Affirmations for single people: for boosting your self-confidence. 

Swag? Sass? Style? You’ve got them all. 

But in case you ever forget, these quietly powerful affirmations for single people will remind you of just how amazing you are. 

  1. I am a powerful, confident, and unstoppable force.
  2. I love who I have become because I fought to become this person.
  3. I am at peace with my past, because it made me who I am.
  4. I am a badass, and I've got this.
  5. I am brave enough to build the life I deserve to live.
  6. I believe in myself.
  7. I am confident in how I look, feel, act, and think.
  8. I believe in myself and my abilities. 
  9. I am capable of achieving anything I set my mind to do.
  10. I own every room I walk into.
  11. I am exactly who I need to be at this moment.
  12. I have a kind, generous soul.
  13. I am and will always be more than enough.
  14. I am a strong, independent, and confident person.
  15. I am growing more comfortable in my own skin.
  16. I believe with all my heart in my ability to triumph.
  17. I am here to be outstanding, not to fit in.
  18. I am ready to level up.
  19. I am braver than I think.
  20. I wake up each morning with a smile.
  21. I am strong yet gentle, kind yet firm.
  22. I am capable of achieving more than I ever realized.
  23. I am an amazing work in progress.
  24. I am calm, confident, and powerful.
  25. I shine.

Affirmations for single people: for cultivating self-love

Turn your love to the person who deserves it the most. These heartfelt self-love affirmations for single people are carefully chosen to help you foster a deeper love, understanding, and appreciation for yourself.

  1. I believe that loving myself is the ultimate act of kindness.
  2. I am allowed to love who I am today.
  3. I am worthy of love, respect, and happiness.
  4. I have all the validation I need within me.
  5. I deserve to have everything I want in life.
  6. I nurture myself just as I nurture others.
  7. I am worthy of the happiness and peace that come with self-love.
  8. I am my own priority.
  9. I love and accept myself just as I am.
  10. I genuinely like myself as a person.
  11. I accept myself, I love myself, and I'm moving forward.
  12. I am a good and decent human, worthy of my own love and esteem.
  13. I am growing and glowing.
  14. I am worthy of my love and appreciation.
  15. I am at peace with my past, because it made me who I am.
  16. My own love is the best kind of love.
  17. I think kind thoughts about myself.
  18. I am worthy because I say so. 
  19. I talk to myself calmly, lovingly, and acceptingly.
  20. I am powerful. I am strong. I am beautiful inside and out.
  21. I only talk to myself with love.
  22. I am making myself a priority again.
  23. I matter.
  24. I deserve inner peace and calm.
  25. Each day, I become a better version of myself.

Final thoughts

These affirmations for single people are here to remind you of your self-worth and inspire you to make the most of your carefree days! 

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