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You’ve Got This! 75 Encouraging Affirmations for New Mothers

Welcome to motherhood! As you turn your focus to your beautiful new baby, these affirmations for new mothers are here to guide you, inspire you, and encourage you on your parenting journey. 

February 5, 2024
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75 Encouraging Affirmations for New Mothers

Soft scents… little sighs… instant love…

You have a new priority in your life. And, as you embark on the beautiful, exciting journey of motherhood, it’s natural to turn your focus on your baby.  

You want to do what’s best for your newborn child. And with up to 20% of new moms suffering from postpartum depression, that includes taking care of your emotional well-being. 

Affirmations for new mothers can help you: 

  • Navigate your new role with ease
  • Embrace the challenges of motherhood with grace
  • Remain tranquil during the chaos of parenting
  • Enjoy your baby’s earliest days
  • Glow with love and positivity

Affirmations can be the difference between feeling frazzled and anxious over your parenting skills and remaining tranquil during the glorious adventure of early motherhood.

So as you travel through joy-filled days and sleepless nights, let these specially tailored affirmations strengthen, encourage, and guide you. 

The Best Affirmations for New Mothers

  1. I am grateful for my beautiful baby.
  2. I am already doing an amazing job as a mother.
  3. I love my new life.
  4. I am my baby's biggest comfort.
  5. I am proud of what a good mother I am.
  6. I am constantly growing and becoming a better parent.
  7. Only I can give my kids a happy mother.
  8. I am blessed to have a beautiful family.
  9. I am providing everything my child needs to be happy.
  10. I was chosen to be the mother of this child because I am good enough. 
  11. I am the best possible mother for my baby.
  12. I love being a mother, even on difficult days.
  13. I focus on the love I feel for my baby.
  14. I am a great mother, even when I need to take time to recharge.
  15. I am doing a fantastic job as a mother.
  16. I love my baby with all my heart.
  17. Motherhood has revealed my strengths.
  18. My baby feels my love.
  19. I choose to be happy with my baby.
  20. I am an excellent mother even when I make mistakes.
  21. I am proud of what an amazing mother I am. 
  22. I focus my energy on being the wonderful mother my child deserves.
  23. I take time to laugh with my baby today.
  24. I hold my baby with joy and love.
  25. I am able to balance my responsibilities as a mother with my own happiness and well-being.
  26. I am allowed to make mistakes and still be a wonderful mom.
  27. I am confident that I am a good mother for my baby.
  28. I am capable of providing a safe, loving, stable home for my baby.
  29. My baby loves me.
  30. I am a caring, loving, tender mother.
  31. I stay calm through the storms of motherhood.
  32. I trust my maternal instincts.
  33. I am filled with love and awe when I look at my baby.
  34. I enjoy my time with my precious baby.
  35. I enjoy this precious time with my baby.
  36. I am exactly the mom my baby needs.
  37. I am the best person to take care of my baby.
  38. I am all my baby needs to have a wonderful life.
  39. I am filled with a mother's light of love, peace, and joy.
  40. I am a warrior mama.
  41. I am doing my best for my baby, and it is enough.
  42. I am enough for my baby.
  43. I share a sacred bond with my baby. 
  44. I am doing the best I can for myself and my baby.
  45. I know what’s best for my baby
  46. I am a natural when it comes to motherhood.
  47. I believe in the power of love between my baby and me.
  48. My confidence as a mother grows every day.
  49. I take care of myself to be a better mother.
  50. I am a positive and nurturing mother.
  51. I am deeply attached to my baby.
  52. I trust my intuition to be the best mother for my child.
  53. I am a kind and loving mother.
  54. I am doing a great job as a mother
  55. I love holding my baby close.
  56. I am confident that I can love, support, and care for my baby.
  57. I am finding joy in my journey into motherhood.
  58. I love my baby.
  59. I am the most important person in my baby’s life.
  60. I am surrounded by love and so is my baby.
  61. I am filled with a mother's deep sense of happiness.
  62. I am learning to be a better mom as each day goes by.
  63. I believe in my capability to care for my baby.
  64. I am willing to grow and learn as a mother.
  65. I enjoy all that motherhood offers.
  66. I accept the transformative journey of motherhood.
  67. I am here for my baby.
  68. I am enjoying these intimate moments with my baby.
  69. I embrace the joys of motherhood along with its challenges.
  70. I feel pride and joy every time I look at my baby.
  71. I savor the time I spend with my baby.
  72. I feel deep inner peace whenever I hold my baby.
  73. Every moment with my baby is precious.
  74. I am still myself even when I am caring for my baby.
  75. I trust in my parenting instincts and decisions.

Final thoughts

As you fall in love with newfound baby smiles, remember: prioritizing your needs is another way of prioritizing your baby’s needs, too. And your baby deserves a mom who feels calm, capable, and at ease within her new role. 

Even if you have only a few minutes to spare while your baby naps, regularly practicing affirmations for new mothers will give you the support and encouragement you need to thrive as a mother. 

For more affirmations for your parenting journey or in any other area of your life, download the I am app. Set reminders or add a home screen widget for your dose of inspiration and positivity every time you look at your phone.

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