The science of affirmations

How To Raise Your Vibration With Affirmations

Have you ever woken up feeling absolutely wonderful? You felt refreshed and bright, but also at peace. Your mind was clear, your heart was brimming with love—and self-love—and your body was relaxed yet dynamic. Whether you knew it or not, at that moment your energy was high and so was your vibrational frequency.

February 5, 2024
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What is vibrational energy?

Vibrational energy is in and around every one of us. 

Although you can’t see, feel, or touch them, we are all surrounded by vibrations: 

  • Every object in your home…
  • The foods you eat…
  • The electronic device you’re using to read this article…

That’s because everything on this planet is composed of energy-producing particles, and those particles are in constant motion, vibrating and creating energy. 

Even something that appears completely solid and still, such as the ground you’re standing on or the chair you’re sitting on, is made up of vibrating particles. 

In fact, we, ourselves, are a source of vibrational energy. 

The atoms and cells that make up our body are constantly moving and emitting vibrational energy. 

And although we are all vibrating, your vibrational frequency is as unique as your fingerprints; no two people give off the same vibrational energy. 

Your vibe is a unique song that only you can sing. 

Not only that, but your vibration is constantly changing. It increases or decreases based on how you feel, what you’re thinking, your mood, and even your physical health. 

Even something as simple as laughing with your loved ones can raise your vibration, while something as common as not getting enough sleep has the potential to lower it.

Let’s look at what that might feel like. 

High vibrations versus low vibrations

We all experience moments of high vibration and low vibration. 

If your vibrational frequency is high, you feel on top of the world. You’re smiling easily and feeling enthusiastic and positive about your journey in life. 

Physically, you feel well-rested and ready to climb mountains to achieve your goals.

But when your vibrations are low, you feel just the opposite. 

You feel tired or listless. Your thoughts are negative, and you might feel moody, tense, or even physically ill. You have trouble sleeping, you’re irritable, and your self-criticism is high. 

The way you feel, physically and psychologically, is an excellent indicator of how high or low your vibrational frequency is at that exact moment. 

Why do vibrations matter?

But if vibrations are so unique and changeable, constantly moving from high to low… Why do they matter? 

We’ll answer that with one of the fundamental principles of the Law of Attraction. 

Like attracts like. 

This is true in physics, as when two water droplets start to combine into a bigger droplet. 

It’s also true in manifesting. The Universe sees your vibrational energy and matches it. 

When you are happy, kind, and confident, you’ll attract people into your life who are also happy, kind, and confident. 

When you feel grateful and blessed, the Universe sends you more reasons to feel grateful and blessed. 

What affects your vibration

Everything you do, think, feel, and say affects your vibration, either positively or negatively.

External physical factors such as what you eat and how well you sleep can raise or lower your vibration from day to day or even from hour to hour. 

Other people can also affect your vibration. Just think of how happy and enthusiastic you feel after you spend time with your favorite friends. 

The internal factors that affect your vibration are just as powerful. 

Even a fleeting moment of stress, sadness, or anger can lower your vibration. 

However, focusing on joyful thoughts, gratitude, and love can raise your vibration. 

But if the way you think can change your vibration, then choosing your thoughts will allow you to intentionally raise your vibrational frequency. 

And that’s where affirmations come in. 

How to raise your vibration with affirmations

One of the most beautiful ways to raise your vibration is to reframe your thoughts with positive affirmations. 

Because your thoughts, actions, and vibrations all exert a direct influence on one another. 

Here’s an example. Let’s say you’re feeling nervous about a presentation at work. You’re worried and stressed. Your self-doubt and negative thoughts make you feel anxious and give you an upset stomach. You don’t sleep well. During the presentation, you’re sure that others aren’t paying attention. Your vibrational frequency plummets. 

But let’s look at the flip side. You have a presentation at work and you practice affirmations aimed at self-confidence and career success. You feel calm, clear, and sure of yourself. You practice good night affirmations to sleep well and walk into your presentation filled with confidence. Your voice is strong, you hold everyone’s attention, and your vibration positively skyrockets. 

Change your thoughts, change your mind, change your vibe.

Affirmations empower you to:  

  • Focus on the positives in any situation or experience.
  • Choose self-love, self-kindness, and self-understanding. 
  • Welcome peace and calm while reducing stress and anxiety.
  • Focus on abundance and blessings, instead of unfulfilled desires.
  • Nurture feelings of love and compassion for others.

Other ways to raise your vibration

Along with establishing a daily affirmations routine, there are other things you can do to raise your vibration. 

Here are some of the simplest and most effective ways to get your positive vibe going. 

  • Meditate. Allow your mind to rest. Find clarity. 
  • Spend time in nature
  • Practice gratitude and acts of kindness
  • Enjoy physical activities
  • Spend time with the people you love
  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Consume uplifting, empowering books, entertainment, and social media
  • Choose healthy, unprocessed foods 

Taking care of your mind and body allows you the chance to reset your vibration at a higher frequency. 

Final thoughts

Some days, everything just seems to go right. Your mood is high, strangers are smiling at you, and life’s a breeze. 

You can have more of those days when you use positive affirmations to raise your vibration and attract people and situations that bring you joy. 

Not sure where to find affirmations? 

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