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Steadfast and Secure: 75 Affirmations for Taurus

Ready to tap into the steadfast energy of the Bull? Embrace your inherent strength and manifest your dreams with these positive affirmations for Taurus.

February 5, 2024
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Affirmations for Taurus: Unleash Your Inner Bull

Step into the bull’s serene, abundant world. 

If you were born between April 20 and May 20, consider yourself lucky! Taurus is marked by an unwavering determination that leads to abundance in every aspect of your life, from romance to finances. And with your earth sign energy and patient spirit, you excel at cultivating a harmonious environment for yourself and your loved ones.

These uplifting affirmations have been thoughtfully selected to harmonize with your sensible, resilient Taurus essence. Let them embolden you to embrace your inner strength and exude positivity as you navigate life's challenges with grace and perseverance.

Achieve your aspirations

The very nature of Taurus is dependable, resilient, and steadfast. Everything you need to go out there and make your dreams into reality.

Combine your natural drive and determination with these positive affirmations for Taurus, and you’ll be unstoppable!

  1. I am defined by my power, not my obstacles.
  2. I keep my objective in mind and refuse to be distracted.
  3. I take intentional actions that lead to my success.
  4. I am working hard because I know I will reach my dreams.
  5. I am fully empowered to create the better future I deserve.
  6. I know small achievements are the secret ingredient for confidence.
  7. What I am doing today is getting me closer to my goals.
  8. I am always moving toward my goals.
  9. I refuse to let anyone stop me, not even myself.
  10. I am equally proud to celebrate the small gains and big milestones.
  11. I am willing to learn new skills that will help me reach my goals.
  12. I have a fire within me that propels me forward.
  13. I am brave enough, smart enough, and talented enough to achieve it all.
  14. I am willing and able to achieve all my goals.
  15. I choose the path of continuous growth, development, and self-discovery.

Accept change

Ever heard of the term bull-headed? It means exactly what you think! Taurus is known to be steadfast and determined. Unfortunately, that makes you resist change—even when it’s for the better. 

These encouraging affirmations for Taurus will help you get comfortable with change and new beginnings.

  1. I am allowed to be both scared and excited for a new beginning.
  2. I let go of what was and welcome what is.
  3. I am ready to level up in all areas of my life.
  4. I reach outside of my comfort zone to make my dreams a reality.
  5. I see new beginnings as the chance to live authentically.
  6. I am patient with myself as I come to terms with uncertainty and change.
  7. I love the person that I am and the person that I am becoming.
  8. I am allowed to begin again as many times as I need to.
  9. I am willing to be uncomfortable for the sake of growth.
  10. I trust that this new beginning leads me to where I'm meant to be.
  11. I am proud of myself for being willing to change and grow. 
  12. I know that good times are coming and that gets me excited.
  13. I align the life I am living with the life I want to live.
  14. I open the door to a bigger and better life.
  15. I am changing my life for good.

Embrace joy

While your reliability and dependability will get you far in life, sometimes you need a little reminder that it’s okay to simply be happy.

These affirmations for Taurus remind you to live your life to the fullest by infusing it with joy and positivity.

  1. I find my happiness with good friends, good times, and plenty of laughter.
  2. I am surrounded by joy and laughter.
  3. I am manifesting a life of light and laughter.
  4. I am joyful, successful, and loved.
  5. I adorn each day with laughter and cheer.
  6. I open my eyes and heart to the joys around me.
  7. I deserve happiness and joy.
  8. I nourish my soul with joyful experiences.
  9. I am allowing myself to feel joy, laugh, and smile.
  10. I make laughter and happiness my priorities.
  11. I am happy, joyful, and free.
  12. I am worthy of living a life filled with adventure and laughter.
  13. My life is filled with joy, laughter, and love.
  14. I make time for hobbies and activities that fill my heart with joy.
  15. I deserve to enjoy every minute of my amazing life.

Focus on money management

Abundance flows easily to Taurus, due in no small part to your hard work. The only question that remains is, what to do with it?

Live a life of financial prosperity with these money-wise affirmations for Taurus.

  1. I establish positive money habits.
  2. Wealth flows to me from all directions.
  3. I make financial decisions now that my future self will be thankful for.
  4. I am worthy of financial freedom.
  5. I make the most of the resources I receive.
  6. I am open to new and unexpected income and revenue.
  7. All of my debt is paid off and my savings are growing.
  8. I use my money to add joy to the lives of my loved ones.
  9. I am a powerful money magnet.
  10. My financial future is secure.
  11. The more I give, the richer I become.
  12. I have all the money I need available to me.
  13. I am entering a world of financial security and stability.
  14. My income increases constantly.
  15. I align with the Universe's source of prosperity.

Explore your sensual side

Ruled by Venus, the planet of love and pleasure, Taurus is often considered to be the most sensual of the zodiac signs.

Unleash your inner bull with affirmations for Taurus designed to inspire confidence and passion. 

  1. I know that sex is a beautiful, healthy part of my life.
  2. My sexuality comes naturally to me.
  3. I provide my partner with intense sexual pleasure.
  4. I am empowered to ask for what I desire in the bedroom.
  5. I am willing to explore my sexual fantasies.
  6. I deserve to be cherished and adored in the bedroom.
  7. I simultaneously give and receive sexual pleasure.
  8. I am fully aware of and accept my sexual wants and desires.
  9. My sex life is filled with delicious pleasure.
  10. I feel sexually attractive and powerful.
  11. My amazing sex life makes me happy to be alive.
  12. I am worthy of a fulfilling, passionate sex life.
  13. I am desirable, playful, and seductive in and out of the bedroom. 
  14. I am ready for days filled with romance and nights filled with passion.
  15. I deserve to feel sexually fulfilled and desired.

Final thoughts

Nurture the seeds of abundance as you build a life filled with love, fulfillment, and prosperity with affirmations chosen just for you, Taurus. 

And be sure to download the I am app so you can explore more affirmations that will heighten your bullish nature and make the coming year your best one yet. Set reminders to stay positive and inspired all day, every day.

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